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Fruit & Vegetable Containers

Apr 26 2011


There’s a common misconception that fruit and vegetable gardening can take a lot of space, but you can grow some of your favourite fruits and vegetables right on your deck or patio. Container gardening lets you have your own fresh produce without taking up a lot of space, and fruit and vegetable containers can beautify your patio – especially when combined with floral-foliage containers.

There are a few ways to plant your own fruits or vegetables in containers – from seed, bare root, or seedlings.   When growing from seed, you need to decide if your veggie in question needs to be started indoors 4 to 6 weeks before our average last frost date, or if it is to be sown directly into the container. According to OMAFRA, our average last frost date is May 10th, but it’s important to pay attention to the weather as this is only an average. The second way to plant is from bare root plants, which are soaked in water for three to four hours and then planted directly into the containers. Finally, seedlings can be purchased and planted directly into the container around the last average frost date.
There are so many possibilities of what you can grow in your container garden, including varieties of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, root vegetables, greens, berries and herbs. You can even plant potatoes above ground in new potato bags which will be available at the garden centre this spring.
If you’re looking for a fun plant to add interest to your container, consider a new dwarf Blueberry called Top Hat. It only grows to a height of 45-60cm and remains compact with white blossoms in the spring. After producing an abundance of full-sized, wild flavoured fruit, the foliage provides beautiful interest into the fall. The variety grows best in a low pH soil, and doesn’t require a pollinator.
The most important thing to remember is that gardening is meant to be enjoyable, so select your favourites and have fun with them. The containers will beautify your deck or patio, you’ll have some fresh produce to enjoy, and kids love to be involved in small gardening projects.
For more information about container gardening,  visit our fruit, vegetable and herb container gardening section at the garden centre this spring or follow us on Twitter (@BrockRdNursery).

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