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Quick Ideas for Creative Spring Planters

Apr 12 2011


It's even more exciting to welcome back spring after having such a long winter, and although it might be early for most plants, you can still create beautiful spring planters. They're easy to care for and they'll brighten up the neighbourhood and create an inviting entrance to your home.
As we begin the new season, the temperature can still fluctuate, so it's important to choose hardy plants for your spring containers. The ultimate spring classics are Pansies - not only do they tolerate fluctuating temperatures, but they're also available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. They can be planted alone for an elegant look, or combined with spring branches or other architectural elements to add stature. Also, if you're an avid bulb gardener, you can transplant a clump of your favourite Tulip, Daffodil or Muscari into a Pansy container for a beautiful combination of textures. If the weather is consistently a little bit warmer, or you are willing to cover your planter if there is a risk of frost, you can add colour and texture with perennial grasses, or create a dramatic piece for your entrance by adding Lenten Roses. To add a cascading effect, choose from a variety of perennial groundcovers or a trailing viola.
Caring for spring containers is easy. Removing spent or discoloured blooms, fertilizing regularly, and watering as needed (depending on sunshine and temperature), are all you need to do to have beautiful containers for the whole spring season.
If planting your own container seems overwhelming, bring the measurements of the inside diameter and depth of your container to our store and we'll find you a beautiful pre-planted arrangement to bring home and simply place in!

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