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April in the Garden

Apr 01 2011


April is our official welcome back to the outdoor gardening season in Ontario! Starting with the first sign of Snow Drops, the welcome continues with the beautiful array of colours brought to us by the classic Pansy. Although you can begin to do things around your yard and garden in April, wait until the ground is workable.

When the time is right this April:

·         Plant a beautiful Pansy or Pansy combination planter, it creates instant colour!
·         Prune late flowering shrubs early spring as required. (For more details on pruning read our upcoming blog post on Tuesday, April 5th!)
·         Prune Forsythia and other early flowering shrubs after blooming as required. 
·         Cut back ornamental grasses as required.
·         Apply dormant oil before buds break. Dormant oil kills over-wintering insects, insect eggs and diseases on fruit trees, roses and ornamentals. It is also an effective control for scale insects.
·         Remove winter protection when the risk of frost has past.
·         Apply a layer of compost or slow release fertilizer to perennials, shrubs and trees when new growth appears.
·         Rake, top-dress and seed lawn as required.
·         Choose seed varieties and start indoors or sow outside depending on the varieties.
For more information and a beautiful selection of spring blooms and wonderful seeds, visit us at the garden centre. Welcome back!

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